Menu translations

Most eating places in Alcalá don't have menus translated into English, so here's a list of items that are widely available.

Remember that "menu" in Spanish refers to the set lunch (short for menú del día), and is often not written down - the waiter will recite what is on offer that day.  If you want a printed, a-la-carte menu ask for la carta.  With tapas, it's often a case of going to the display cabinet and pointing to what you want.

Snacks and starters

Bocadillo, bocata - Filled baguette
Boquerones en vinagre - Anchovies in vinegar
Boquerones fritos- Anchovies fried in batter or breadcrumbs
Croquetas - Croquettes (flavoured bechamel fried in a crisp crumb coating)
Ensaladilla - Russian salad
Gazpacho caliente - Hot gazpacho, a local speciality made from bread and tomatoes, served in a wooden bowl
Hamburguesa de retinta - Burger made with retinto beef
Mollete - Large floury bap, toasted for breakfast
Montadito - Small filled roll
Patatas aliñadas - Potato salad, marinated in oil, vinegar and parsley
Patatas bravas - Potatoes with spicy sauce
Pimientos de Padrón - Deep-fried small green peppers (every so often you get a hot one)
Pimientos de piquillo ´Small pointed red peppers, usually stuffed (relleno)
Pinchito / pincho moruno - Marinated pork or chicken cubes grilled on a skewer
Revuelto - A cross between an omelette and scrambled eggs, made in a frying pan and with the ingredients stirred in
Salmorejo - Chilled tomato cream garnished with ham and chopped egg
Sopa de picadillo - Broth containing chopped ham, hard-boiled egg and rice or chickpeas
Surtido de embutidos - Selection of sliced pork meats (chorizo, salami etc)
Tortilla de patata - Spanish omelette (mainly potato)
Tortillitas de camarón - Crispy shrimp pancakes made with chickpea flour


Albóndigas en salsa - Meatballs in tomato sauce (or occasionally ground almond and garlic sauce)
Añojo - Beef between 12 and 24 months
Callos - Tripe
Carillada - Tender braised pork cheek
Carne en salsa - Meat slowly braised in gravy (usually pork)
Carne mechada - Pork loin cooked slowly in wine and spices, sliced and served cold
Chicharrones - Crispy fried chunks of pork (meat, fat and skin)
Chuletitas de cordero - Tiny lamb chops
Filete de pollo/lomo - Thinly sliced chicken/pork, cooked on a griddle
Jabalí en salsa - Wild boar slowly braised in gravy
Jamón ibérico - Dry-cured ham made from Iberian pig
Jamón serrano - Dry.cured ham made from other types of pig
Lagarto, lagartito - Strips of pork taken from the rib
Lomo adobado - Sliced pork loin, marinated and fried
Presa - Fried fillet of Iberian pork
Secreto - Fried fillet of Iberian pork
Solomillo - Sirloin or tenderloin
Ternera - Beef under 1 year old

Atún encebollado

Atún encebollado - Fresh tuna cooked in a sauce made with onion and sherry wine
Bacalao - cod
Cazón en adobo - Dogfish rings fried in spicy batter
Choco a la plancha - Squid cooked on a hotplate
Choco frito - Squid cut into strips or rings and fried in batter
Dorada a la espalda - Sea bream opened out and fried flat “on its back”
Gallo - John Dory
Lenguado - sole
Melva- Meaty fish similar to tuna
Merluza - Hake, usually served in tomato sauce
Pulpo a la gallega - Octopus marinaded in olive oil and paprika
Puntillitas / chipirones - Baby squid, floured and fried whole
Rape - monkfish


Flan - egg custard, sometimes with a crême brulée finish.
Natillas - egg custard, usually with whipped cream from an aerosol can.
Tocino de cielo - superior egg custard, made with just the yolks and sugar.
Arroz con leche - creamy rice pudding, usually served cold, flavoured with cinnamon

Unless you have a very sweet tooth, fresh fruit or ice cream are usually a safer option.

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