30 May 2013

April showers bring forth May flowers

Viper's bugloss
This very English proverb has certainly held good in our part of the world this year.  In fact our April showers continued well into May, breaking yet another climatic record as we reach the end of the wettest and coolest May since whenever.

By now, we are normally enjoying daytime temperatures in the mid to high twenties (high 70s in Fahrenheit), but it remains pleasantly cool at around 22ºC (71ºF), with the odd shower of rain.

Our spring flowers are always a delight, daubing the winter-green meadows with vivid blotches of colour before they turn summer-brown.  With all the extra spring rain, however, they have put on a spectacular show this year that is set to last for a good few weeks yet.  Here are some examples, all taken this week, to tempt you to come over and see for yourself!

For detailed information on the local flora, check out Brenda Jones' excellent blog Flowers of Andalucia.