28 September 2013

Summer waves goodbye

Last night we had the first proper rain since May, clearing the dust from the air and sparking off the growth of lush winter grass which our livestock farmers depend on.  We don't get polite little showers here, it comes down by the bucketful (llueve a cántaros) and soaks you to the skin in  seconds.

Back in May the forecasters were predicting the coldest summer in Spain for 200 years.  Well, if that was a cold summer, bring on some more please.  Daytime temperatures peaked in the low 30s Celsius (90s Fahrenheit) and we didn't get that extended sweaty humid period that usually keeps us awake on August nights.

As always, Alcalainos took full advantage of the summer months to celebrate their fairs and festivals.  Here are some pictures recording the summer of 2013 by a young local photographer, Pedro Martín Sánchez, more of whose excellent work can be seen on his blog Alcalá a través de mi objetivo.

Candlelit concert in the patio of the Sagrada Familia school
The Soloists of London - up close and personal

All the fun of the Feria

Ladies who lunch - women's day at the fair
Rebujito - standard feria drink made
 from pale fino sherry and lemonade
Football doesn't stop just because it's summer!
Alcala beat Gibraltar Lions 4-1, but lost to Barbate
in the final.

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