20 June 2015

The Authentic Flavours of Alcalá

The Restaurant Formerly Known as La Parada re-opened last week as "La Auténtica" - the Real Thing.  It is being managed by an enthusiastic young team of local people, including the former chef from the restaurant at the Botanical Gardens.  The decor (apart from the red awning outside) has been completely refreshed, the kitchen is brand-new and there is a very reasonably priced menu using ingredients from the region where possible.

Address: Paseo de la Playa 28, Alcalá de los Gazules
Tel:  (+34) 695 83 45 65
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/restaurantelaautentica

Opening hours:  
Tuesdays to Fridays 8 am- 4 pm, 7 pm till late.
Saturdays and Sundays 9 am - 4 pm, 7 pm till late.
Closed on Mondays.

Sample menu items

Most items are available either in small portions (tapas) for around €3, or large platefuls to share (between €8 and €12).

Atún rojo - Atlantic bluefin tuna, caught off the Costa de la Luz
Carrilladas - braised pork cheeks, tender and delicious.
Chicharrones - deep-fried chunks of pork with crispy skin attached.
Chuletitas de cordero - tiny tasty lamb chops
Croquetas - home-made croquettes, various fillings - a speciality of the house
Entrecot de ternera - entrecôte steak
Gulas al ajillo con pimientos del piquillo - mock elvers (baby eels) in garlic with piquillo peppers 
Lomo de bacalao - fillet of cod
Medallones de solomillo al PX - rounds of pork tenderloin in sherry sauce. 
Pollo a la mostaza verde - chicken with a green mustard sauce. 
Queso "emborrao" - tangy locally-produced goat's cheese, matured in an olive oil marinade. 
Revuelta de berenjena al queso fundido - scrambled eggs with aubergine (eggplant), topped with melted cheese.

There is also a range of products from the Iberian pig (cerdo ibérico), the ultimate free-range meat as they graze freely amongst the oak trees on the dehesas.  Some of the cuts don't translate into English but this gives a rough idea:

Lagarto ibérico - strips of fillet from between the ribs
Presa ibérica - the best cut, from the shoulder
Secreto ibérico - a fillet cut from between the shoulder and the loin
Solomillo ibérico - tenderloin
Chorizo ibérico - Spain's best known sausage, flavoured with paprika
Jamón ibérico de bellota - air-dried ham, succulent and tasty, from pigs fed on acorns.

La Auténtica's wine list includes a young red (joven), a mature red (crianza) and a Chardonnay from the Bodega Entrechuelos, near Jerez de la Frontera; three Riojas (two red and one white) from Bodega Patrocinio; a Ribera del Duero from Cinema Wines; a crisp white Verdejo, and a rosé Lambrusco.  Prices range from €8.00 to €11.00 per bottle, €2.00-€2.50 per glass..

The restaurant offers a couple of set meals for two -  croquettes, pork chops and a bottle of white wine for €16.90, or house salad, pork tenderloin and a bottle of red for €18.

Desserts (€3.50-.€4.00) include a creme caramel with figs and Pedro Jiménez (sweet sherry), chocolate pudding, and a cheesecake with quince jelly.