26 February 2013

Carnaval 2013

Some of the highlights from this year's Carnaval in Alcalá de los Gazules, three days of fun and frolics on the streets, in the bars and in the grand marquee.

Sunday's Pasacalles de humor (fancy dress parade):

Cuarteto; "No to er mundo puede vivir en la Calle Real"

Chirigota C.A.I.

"Los que viven en el cuarto"

Thanks to photographer Chemary Gomez Reyes for the following. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel CHEMARYALCALA for lots more videos of this year's Carnaval and other events in Alcalá de los Gazules.


Anonymous said...

This looks like so much fun! I love the hot air balloon costume, but what are the people with the pink fabric over them supposed to be?

Claire Lloyd said...

Glad you enjoyed it Holayessica! The people in the pink cover are meant to be a human hand, but the little finger is getting a bit fidgety by this stage. :-)