22 August 2012

The Gallery Trail

Last week, coinciding with the 8th Festival Internacional de Música, Alcalá had its first Paseo de Galerías. It was organised jointly by the Town Hall and the Painting in Spain art school. Local artists and craftsmen from all over the region of La Janda were invited to display their works in bars, restaurants and empty shops around the town, for the public to drop in, enjoy a drink and  tapas, and hopefully purchase a painting or two.

Despite taking place in one of the hottest Augusts on record, and the failure of some of the participants to show up, the event was reasonably successful with several paintings sold, and was enjoyed by locals as well as visitors.

Here are some of the exhibits.

Watercolours by Benito García Morán on the Calle Real:

Acrylics by yours truly in the Peña Madridista (Real Madrid supporters club), hanging amongst the Cristiano Ronaldo shirts and trophy posters:

Oils by María Gómez in the San Jorge Hotel:

Oils by Carmen Aras Guerrero, in Restaurante Pizarro:

Mule harnesses and other decorative "Guarnicionería", by Lázaro Jiménez Venegas, in Bar los Ponys:

Oils by Manuel Rey Pulestán on the Alameda:

Acrylics by Andy Russell in the Flamenco Bar:

Paco "El dornillero", making traditional wooden bowls in his workshop on Calle Paulo Emilio:

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