02 April 2012

En abril, aguas mil

It's April, and it's raining.

The phrase En abril aguas mil, which is the Spanish equivalent of "April showers bring May flowers", comes from a poem by Antonio Machado:
Son de abril las aguas mil.feSemana Santa, and in Spain it always rains at Easter.  The Almighty must have a strange sense of humour, waiting till the faithful have gathered en masse (pardon the pun) to carry out their strange rituals in the streets, then pulling the plug and allowing the heavens to open.

Scenes in Sevilla yesterday, where four of the processions for Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday) had to be cancelled:

I don't know whether Alcalá's Palm Sunday procession was rained off because I don't intend to leave the house till the skies are clear again, but there are four more processions due this week and the forecast isn't good ...

Tuesday 3 April, 8 pm, starting at the church of San Jorge on the Plaza Alta: Procession of the Venerable y Ducal Hermandad de Penetencia de Nuestro Padre Jesus atado y flagelado a a Columna, Nuestra Señora María Santísima de las Lagrimas, y San Juan Apostol.

Wednesday 4 April:  10.30 pm, starting at the church of San Jorge:  Procession of the Hermandad del Cristo del Perdon.

Thursday 5 April, 9 pm, starting at the church on the Alameda: Procession of the Cofradía de Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno y María Santisima de los Dolores.

Friday 6 April,  8 pm, starting at the church of San Jorge:  Procession of the Hermandad del Santo Entierro de Cristo y Nuestra Señora de la Soledad.

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Sarah Wooller said...

Your first photo is the best I have ever seen EVER. It is beyond funny.