26 March 2012

So the polls were wrong!

Two days ago everyone was predicting that the PP would take control of Andalucía.

Well, it didn't happen. They needed 55 seats for an absolute majority in the Junta de Andalucía Parliament and only managed 50. The Socialists (PSOE), who had been in power since the Junta first came into being 30 years ago, got 47, and the IU-V (United Left + Green Party) doubled their vote from 6 to 12 seats and now hold the balance of power. The Andalusian independence party (PA) and the peculiarly apolitical UPyD didn't get any. 

Twice as many disenchanted PSOE voters defected to the left than to the right.

The percentage vote for PP and PSOE were 40.66% and 39.52% respectively.  The IU got 11.34%.

José Griñan and the PSOE team celebrate the avoidance of a crushing defeat
WIll the PSOE and IU form a coalition and keep the red flag flying down here in the south?  Watch this space ...

To check results for individual locations in Andalucía go to http://resultados.elpais.com/elecciones/2012/autonomicas/01/index.html

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Claire Lloyd said...

Update: On 24 April there was a referendum of IU members in Andalucia to decide whether the party should form a coalition goverenment with the PSOE, or enter a legislative pact (the preferred option of the left wing of the party). The result was 82% in favour of a coalition, with the IU expected to a number of key posts in the new administration.
Andalusian leftists vote to enter coalition government with Socialists (El Pais in English, 25 April 2012)