25 June 2011

Burning the bad guys ... San Juan 2011

Old guy: "I  have to work [selling snails] because at 67 I have to retire" - a reference to the recent raising of the retirement age. If you don't have a job to start with you have to wait two more years to get a regular income.  The chap in the chair is the new IU deputy mayor, Juan-Carlos Luna (whose campaign ticket was that the former mayor only helped his friends): his sign says "These days I am supporting my friend - the Mayor".

 On the left is the new PP Mayor, Julio Toscano, with his bastón de mando (baton of command);  whoever has this, runs the town.  "I am your new mayor and I am going to help you".  On the right is the local parish priest, who has just got a new job in Rome.  "A Dios" - to God.

 Toscano again:  "I don´t understand why you you are all against this new pact."
"Indigna-dos - why two when I only voted for one?"  A pun on indignados, the indignant ones, the name given to the pro-democracy protest movement sweeping across Spain.  The Alcalainos are indignant because they voted for one party and ended up with a coalition.

Up in flames with the lot of you!

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